Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Students created self-portraits as their "Alter-Ego"

An alter-ego is a character of your design. They might represent a side of your personality, your total opposite, or someone you dream of becoming.

Antoine as Naviree: "He is a person who likes to party. He likes his style and he thinks he's cliche, but other people tell him otherwise"

Zach as "Dilbert Cornelius Finkelstein-Johansen

Jose as Jose Juan Pan Mantequilla "He plays the drums in a band and loves to dance. He enjoys playing Dominoes"

Elly as Melissa: "Pretty, intelligent: Works with what she has."

Gwen as Jaime Pennington: "Jaime is a girl from California. She is loud, girlie and conceited."

Morris as Yonas Alozade: "Yonas Alozade is a bold, outgoing person. He wants to be an RNA or Head of Medicine in a top hospital. He is fabulous, hype, kool and clean."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Self-Portraits

by Jose: "Strength,Determination,Motivation"

by Morris: "I want to be seen as a role model"

by Sharkeema: "I want to be represented as a very respectable young lady"

Self Portraits

The first photo assignment of the year was to create self portraits. Each student thought and wrote about how they would like to be represented and then worked in pairs to create photographs that reflected their ideas.

by Jordan: "I want to be represented as a responsible, respectful young man"

by Ellie: "I want to be seen as the strongest individual out there."

by Gwen: "I play basketball and I love this sport. I work hard and practice everyday."

by Khristina: "My pictures define the way I am."

by Esther: "My grandmother is the #1 person in my life."