Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Students created self-portraits as their "Alter-Ego"

An alter-ego is a character of your design. They might represent a side of your personality, your total opposite, or someone you dream of becoming.

Antoine as Naviree: "He is a person who likes to party. He likes his style and he thinks he's cliche, but other people tell him otherwise"

Zach as "Dilbert Cornelius Finkelstein-Johansen

Jose as Jose Juan Pan Mantequilla "He plays the drums in a band and loves to dance. He enjoys playing Dominoes"

Elly as Melissa: "Pretty, intelligent: Works with what she has."

Gwen as Jaime Pennington: "Jaime is a girl from California. She is loud, girlie and conceited."

Morris as Yonas Alozade: "Yonas Alozade is a bold, outgoing person. He wants to be an RNA or Head of Medicine in a top hospital. He is fabulous, hype, kool and clean."

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